Decluttering your bathroom for showings!

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It's important to keep your bathroom show ready while your house is on the market.
The best way to do this is do get rid of as much as possible. Down size on the amount of towel you store in the closet. You don't need more than 4 towels per person if you do laundry a couple of times a week.
Next declutter toiletries. The things you use daily put in a decorative cardboard box, you can buy these at the dollar store. Buy matching boxes if you share a bathroom. Every one in the house should have their own box sized by their daily used items. Always put everything back in box after use. If space allows keep boxes in cabinet to keep counters clean.
Every time you brush your teeth wipe the counter faucet and mirror. Keep a hand towel close by just for this. Put fresh hand towels out every day. Put toothbrushes up out of site if possible. A few extra seconds cleaning up everyday will make it easier on you to have your home show ready. Please call me for other ideas! Dalia 850-982-9278